Brian Frank


Brian was born and raised in Jackson Township. He attended Central Catholic High School and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Walsh College. He is arguably the most decorated player ever inducted by our organization.  An entire chapter could be dedicated to his many accomplishments on the green felt but the following are his most significant to date:

3 OCMA State Titles
4 OCMA 2nd Place Finishes
4 State BCA Titles
2 State BCA 2nd Place Finishes
1 Ohio BCAPL Title
McDermott National Championship – Eastern Division
1st Place, Columbus Open
3 Youngstown Open Titles
9 Hudson/Sandusky Titles
6 Hudson/Sandusky 2nd Place Finishes
2nd Place National BCA  Event

BCAPL Billiard Championship 1st Place (128 Player Field)
9-Ball VNEA Vegas Event 5th Place (Field of 900)
8-Ball VNEA Vegas Event 8th Place (Field of 900)
1st Place Michael Gulyassy 9-Ball Tournament at Fiddlestix (Field of 64 including Earl Strickland)
2nd Place 8–Ball and 9-Ball (Viking Events)
1st Place VNEA Top 32  

Brian has managed to attain all of these accomplishments while successfully managing his family at home and 500 employees at work. Brian has held many executive positions the past few decades. He is currently Chief Operating Officer of Visual Edge Technology. Brian has three children who he is very proud of including two beautiful daughters and one wonderful son who is a United States Marine. Brian likes to golf and spend time with family during his free time.




Doug Nauer


Doug grew up with a pool table in the basement of his parent's home and began his competitive pool playing career at the age of 18.  While Doug's game was starting to improve from playing in any tournament he could find, he also began to compete in money matches with the area's top players, speeding up his accent to the upper echelon of local talent.  Doug quickly developed a mental toughness and strategy structure that would prove to be his calling card for years to come. 

Upon turning 21, Doug started to participate in the area's tavern and sanctioned leagues, assembling teams that would control the local pool scene.  His teams dominated the Massillon Tavern 8-Ball League, The Canton-Louisville 8-Ball League, VNEA and BCA from the mid 1980s through the early 2000's.  In 1993, Doug captained the first Canton based team to make the Championship match of the OCMA State Open finals and he would later captain the first team to win the OCMA Open Championship in 2001. Doug also played on a Fiddlestix team winning the OCMA Open Championship in 2002. In a tournament in Pittsburgh in 1995, one of the competitors dubbed Doug with the nickname "The Iceman" for his cool demeanor under pressure.  The nickname inspired Doug to call the team's he assembled "The Icemen".   About that time Doug's teams would start to win regularly in the Sandusky National Team Open, Sandusky BCA/VNEA Challenge, Youngstown Showdown, Columbus Team Open and BCA State Championships along with other regional titles.  

While the accolades continued to pile up for Doug in team play, they were just as frequent in individual play.  Doug played in any singles tournament he could find and would be a favorite to cash in that event.  Several league MVP awards would follow as well.  He has gone toe-to-toe with top players and tour pros in money matches along the way.  Doug was named the Male Player of the Year by the GCABA in 2000.  Doug has worked as a machinist for nearly 30 years. In 2003, Doug married his lovely wife Debbie and the couple lives in Perry Township.  Doug stepped away from competitive pool several years ago to concentrate on his baseball umpiring which he does on a collegiate and professional level.



Joe Johann

BORN JUNE 24, 1943

Joe was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. He whimsically states that he lived in a very sensible and stable environment until the early 60’s when he first heard the sounds of pool balls. While starting college in 1961, Joe was hired by the Recreation Department of Firestone Tire & Rubber Company. All of the tire manufacturing plants at that time had many pool halls located nearby: and the frenzy began. One day after work he stopped in at Triangle Billiards, heard the magic and entrancing clicking of pool balls which started a lifelong passion to study the game. After a few trips to Triangle a local fellow offered to show him a few things. This cost over a days wage which was devastating to a college student’s lifestyle. A lesson learned the hard way and as many youngsters found out, most players were not willing to share their pool secrets. But Joe used those lessons to blossom in to one of the area’s best players at that time winning the following events:

Also, in 1982 Joe had the Canton Billiard League’s all-time high run at that time with 54 balls.

Despite his many accomplishments on the table, teaching was and always will be his passion. He feels studying, learning, and teaching the secrets of pool is his avocation. After graduating from the University Of Akron with a Bachelor of Science in Education, Joe was Manager of Training and Development for Bridgestone/Firestone, USA.



Scott Nelson

SEPTEMBER 21, 1962

Scott was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio and started playing for pool in his grandfather’s basement at the young age of 9 years old. He joined his first APA pool league in the early 90’s in Youngstown. He immediately developed a passion for league competition learning from playing better players and quickly improving his own game, going from a skill level 3 to a 6 in a short time.
In 2004, Scott purchased his own APA franchise in Summit County including the Akron area. Scott started his first division of teams in September, 2004 with 8 teams. Scott sold his other business in 2005, enabling him to devote his time to growing the APA League. In 2008, he purchased the Stark County franchise. Over the years he has experienced amazing growth growing to 160 teams and 1,100 players in their league system. Scott retired from APA in June, 2016 to enjoy some free time.

Scott loves the family atmosphere that APA leagues create. He has met a lot of incredible people through the years and has made a lot of wonderful friends. His love and passion for the game kept his drive and enthusiasm alive to keep growing and bringing new players into the sport.

Scott is also an accomplished player. He would play often with his neighbor, Jack Stein, who was a great player and a very patient teacher. He would play pool through the night and into the early mornings.  He has been with his wife, Sheri, for 32 years. They have one son and three grandsons. .